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As parents, we greatly appreciate the educational approach and environment found at MLC.  Encouraging our students, at all levels, to explore ideas....encourages them to own their knowledge, opinions, and faith.  By emphasizing reading, thinking wondering, discussing, questioning, and writing, students choose the ideas that will govern their lives.  The environment at MLC is safe.  It is a safe place to share and explore - including their faith.  Interaction between students and staff members is respectful and highly encouraged.  Our daughter has benefited greatly from attending MLC, where the educational approach and environment are Christ-centered and student-oriented.  An MLC Parent

"Who is wise and understanding among you?  Let them show it by their good life, by deeds done in the humility that comes from wisdom."  James 3:13
Five years ago, my graduating classmates and I chose this as our class verse.  As a reflecting alumnus, I'm inspired to find that some of the best examples I have found of wise and understanding people continue to be the faculty and staff at MLC.  These people shaped me from the wisdom I encountered through conversations surrounding faith and belief, to the understandings I was pushed towards as teachers challenged me to grapple with and own the learning that I needed.  Their efforts have stayed with me academically in my college classrooms and now into the real world hospital setting where I work each day.  Although Thanksgiving has come and gone, I find myself increasingly grateful to have deep roots of strength that thread back into the spiritual guidance of those that chose to humbly pour out their hearts and souls into shaping mine.                  An MLC Alumnus 

I was a student at the Christian Day School (MLC) many years ago, back when it was only through sixth grade.  I was curious about how the school would be different as it added a high school -- and here is what I observed, especially in the last four years.  Rather than telling the kids what to believe, the teachers are challenging the kids (and some are my grandkids) to think -- to think about everything and ask questions.  Though I was taught differently, I am glad that the school is focused on what the students are thinking about.  When I began hearing rumors about the school, I decided to ask different students, including my grandkids, what they were learning.  I was surprised at how articulate they had become, not only about their faith, but how they understood other ideas that they are facing or would face in the future.  I only wish I had the kind of education MLC now offers.  You have my prayers and my support.  Keep doing what you are doing.                    An MLC Grandparent

I just have to tell you what it has been like for me at college.  When I compared myself with other students (I know I shouldn't), I felt like my small school experience would put me way behind the others -- I was wrong.  All of us were challenged in our college classes, like philosophy and theology -- new terms we hadn't seen before.  Because it was a Christian college, it was expected that we understood how the Bible related to both those subject areas.  I knew what to do - most of my classmates were clueless as to how to start thinking in an integrated way.  I thought, 'But this is what I have been doing for years at MLC -- doesn't everybody else get this kind of education?'  Clearly, no!  Other students, even a few upperclassmen, were asking me for help.  One wanted to know "How did you learn how to think?'  There was no doubt about my answer -- at MLC, it's expected that we learn to think.  At the time, I didn't always like how I was asked hard questions -- challenging my thinking, etc.  But, my faith grew, and continues to grow, even as I take more and more difficult classes, and face more and more challenges in life.                  An MLC Alumnus 

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